School Board Elections

Apache County School Districts and Candidates

School Board Elections OFFICIAL RESULTS of November 8, 2016 Election

St. Johns Unified School Dist#1  Special Election Informational Pamphlet (click to open)

Election Results: 977 Yes Budget Increase;  697 No Budget Increase

St. Johns Unified School Dist#1 (2 – Four Year Terms)

1,045Leslie Welker

724Delos Bond

601 – Velvet Nielsen

320 – Todd Palmerton

Window Rock U.S.D#8 (2- Four Year Terms)

2,561Josephine Dawes

1,654Scott Tomlinson

1,056 – Lavonne Juhl

608 – Marty Bowman

 Vernon Elementary Dist#9 (3 – Four Year Terms)

419Stephen Coombs

325Deanna Hunt

301Steve Harmon

287 – Michael Humphrey  

Round Valley Unified School Dist.#10 (2 – Four Year  Terms)

1,324Justin Walker

1,137Stephen Nicoll

842 – Everett Slade

781 – Steven Elder

683 – Lee Wiltbank

Sanders Unified School Dist.#18 (2 – Four Year Terms)

984Arnold Goodluck

836Duane Noggle

569 – Daisy Slim

460 – Jackie Yazzie Jr.

397 – Kirby David

223 – Thomas H. Bia

Ganado Unified School Dist.#20 (2 – Four Year Terms)

1,474Marcarlo Roanhorse

1,201Christine Lynch

808 – Carlene Wauneka

801 – Wallace James Jr.

The School Board Elections Listed Below Have Been Canceled and the Candidates listed under each School District will take office January 1, 2017 after completing their Oath of Office.

Concho Elementary District #6 (3 – Four Year Terms)

      Leon Buttler  (Candidate Statement)

Criss Candelaria (No Candidate Statement filed)

Timothy Tower  (Candidate Statement)

Alpine Elementary District #7 (1 – Four Year Term)

Travis Noth (No Candidate Statement filed)

Sanders U.S.D#18 (1 – Two Year Term)

 Lomardo Aseret (Write-In Candidate) (No Candidate Statement filed)

McNary Elementary Dist#23 (1 – Four Year Term)

Sandra Hume (Write-In Candidate)(No Candidate Statement filed)

McNary Elementary Dist#23 (1 – Two Year Term)

Patricia Maxwell (Write-In Candidate)(No Candidate Statement filed)

Chinle U.S.D#24 (3 – Four Year Terms)

Lucy E. Ayze  (No Candidate Statement filed)

Joyce V. Nez (Write-In Candidate) (No Candidate Statement filed)

Myron Tsosie (No Candidate Statement filed)

Red Mesa U.S.D#27 (3 – Four Year Terms)

Tim Benally  (No Candidate Statement filed)

Minnie John  (No Candidate Statement filed)

Sarah Lee (No Candidate Statement filed)

NAVIT JTED #35 – Round Valley District (1 – Four Year Term)

Rhonda Francisco   (No Candidate Statement filed)

NAVIT JTED #35 – Saint Johns District  (1 – Four Year Term)

Larry Stradling  (No Candidate Statement filed)

NATIVE JTED #36 – Ganado District (1 – Four Year Term)

Jeremy Curtis (No Candidate Statement filed)

NATIVE JTED #36 – Sanders District (1 – Four Year Term)

Margaret Yazzie  (No Candidate Statement filed)

NATIVE JTED #36 – Window Rock District (1 – Four Year Term)

Eugene Kirk (No Candidate Statement filed)


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