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2018 School District Governing Board Elections

The 11 public school districts and 1 joint technological education district (JTED) in Apache County will have a total of 31 Governing Board seats open for election.  School board elections are held with the General Election on November 6, 2018. These elected positions are non-partisan and unpaid. See election details here:

2018 Apache County Spelling Bee

2018 Apache County Spelling Bee Champion Simon Marquez, Alpine ESD; 1st Runner-up Shelby Dewitt, Round Valley USD; and 2nd Runner-up Siobhan Jessop, Concho ESD.

School District Tax Rate Information

2017-2018 School District Primary Tax Rate Forms as submitted to the Arizona Department of Revenue.(link) The information to establish each school district’s primary tax rate originates from the following source documents: The 2017 Abstract of Assessment Roll published by the Arizona Department of Revenue;  Salt River Project Net Assessed Valuation; Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET); the school district’s adopted… (more…)

2018 Abstract of Assessment – Apache County School Districts

The 2018 Abstract of Assessment has been published by the Apache County Assessor’s Office. School Districts Abstract of Assessment Comparisons 2015-2016-2017-2018