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A Student Loan Forgiveness Program for Governmental, Nonprofit and Public Service Employees.  To see if you qualify, go to: and enter registration code Apache

2018 School District Governing Board Elections

The 11 public school districts and 1 joint technological education district (JTED) in Apache County will have a total of 31 Governing Board seats open for election.  School board elections are held with the General Election on November 6, 2018. These elected positions are non-partisan and unpaid. See election details here:

2018 Apache County Spelling Bee

2018 Apache County Spelling Bee Champion Simon Marquez, Alpine ESD; 1st Runner-up Shelby Dewitt, Round Valley USD; and 2nd Runner-up Siobhan Jessop, Concho ESD.

2018 Abstract of Assessment – Apache County School Districts

The 2018 Abstract of Assessment has been published by the Apache County Assessor’s Office. School Districts Abstract of Assessment Comparisons 2015-2016-2017-2018